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Welcome to our partner page. This site is dedicated to the worldwide partners of Shane Willard Ministries. As partners of an international ministry, you enable the spread of the gospel, the making of disciples, and the provision for those less fortunate. We want to provide you with the very best opportunity to grow in your walk with God as well as others.

In this site, you will find articles to encourage and challenge you, an update on what the ministry is experiencing worldwide, a place for prayer requests and, for our monthly partners, access to our partnership program called Insight! For Partners. Become a partner today and be a part of something far bigger than any of us could do alone.

Impacting Your World

Stop and consider what you can do to make this world a better place. God has blessed so many of us with the resources that can truly change the very life of others. And it is our responsibility as believers to bring Heaven into Hellish situations.

We invite you to join us in sharing God's love and Restoring hope by becoming a partner of our ministry today. All financial contributions allow us to accomplish our mission by:

  1. Feeding and Clothing the Poor
  2. Providing much needed medical care to HIV orphans
  3. Providing essential care to discarded, mentally handicapped orphans
  4. Setting woman and children free from sexual slavery
  5. Restoring dignity to those who have been stripped of their own by horrific situations
  6. Teaching God's Word
  7. And other ministry outreaches
Thank you for considering partnering with our ministry. Join us Today.

Live eMentoring

Shane Willard invites you to join him in an online classroom environment to be mentored in the study of God's Word. This mentoring will bring a fresh and unique perspective on the Bible that will change the way you look at the scriptures, yourself and God.

To the Hebrew people, one of the highest forms of worship was the study of the Torah. Together we can journey in this study to bring us to wholeness and a fuller understanding of Jesus Christ. In this process, you will learn:

  1. Basic Hebrew Hermeneutics
  2. Paleo-Hebrew Images
  3. The Hebrew Identity of our Messiah
  4. Your Identity in Him
  5. The Basic Process of Every Believer's Life
  6. Hebrew Idioms and How they Make the NT Explode with Meaning
  7. Reading the Bible from the Four Levels of Learning
  8. And much, much more...
Register today for online eMentoring with a recurring, monthly partnership donation of $25.00 or more.

Ever wonder what an eMentoring session is like? Check out one of the more recent recorded meetings. The recorded session is entitled Jesus in the Torah (Part 3). We hope you are spiritually encouraged and will consider joining us in upcoming sessions!

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