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Why Partner With Us?

Partnership with Shane Willard Ministries provides you with a unique opportunity to effect the lives of people around the world. As a global partner, you can be assured that you are empowering Shane Willard Ministries to:
  1. Spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations.
  2. Equip God's people for works of service.
  3. Provide food, clothing, shelter, and basic medical help to those in need.
  4. Show and teach God's love to every person within our realm of influence.
  5. To set people free from the atrocity of human trafficking, including women and children trapped as sexual slaves.
  6. Reap the Spiritual Harvest for which Jesus has sent his disciples.

The Benefits of Partnership

To begin, having the benefit of knowing that your donations are truly reaching the world, feeding the hungry, clothing the poor is important but also to know that your partnership unlocks a powerful principle over your life in that God continues to provide seed to those who sow. The intangible and tangible blessings that God provides to those who are generous are truly unquantifiable.

Secondarily, for those who partner on a recurring, monthly basis, Shane Willard Ministries will give you access to Insight! For Partners, which is a special web site just for our monthly partners. This program gives you access to:

  1. Management of Your Partnership Details
  2. Audio and Video Resources
  3. Special News and Articles
  4. Access to eMentoring, which is a special, online discipleship program.
  5. and much more...

Partner with us today and impact those around you for God's Kingdom.

Impacting Your World

To see how you can impact the world today through partnership with Shane Willard Ministries, view the video below.

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